Wedding & Event Planner Mentor

The course is self-paced e-learning with final test. Up to 20 hours of Whatsapp/skype calls are also included. Upon completion of the WPC program you will receive

  • Completion Certificate issues by the People's University of Caserta (Italy) and IWPA international Wedding Planners Association;
  • a one year free membership at IWPA International Wedding Planners Association, all benefits included
  • 1 weeks free internship with the associated wedding planner closest to your city, or a wedding planner in a country of your choice

I started a profession following a dream, and I love this profession as if it were a dream.

Planning an event, getting paid to fulfill another person's dream is perhaps the hardest thing to do in the world. Dreaming in the place of another person, using budgets that are not yours and once the dream is complete ... step aside because it is not YOUR dream! It may seem like a Cinderella' nightmare, yet it's what happens in reality and none tells you this once you decide to launch yourself into this profession. With myriads of professional courses, some classes just for few hours, many organized by wedding planners who have just completed their own class, anyone who with to look out on this wonderful becomes vulnerable. Too many courses create false hopes (you'll only do Luxury Weddings), fake myths (in a short time you will be able to buy a new car), but more than anything this course create "professionals" who hardly know to make ends meet. The smartest once instead look for a mentor instead of taking a class. The role of the mentor it's important: despite having the wisdom and experience of a master, he doesn't present himself as a hierarchically superior to his student; his guidance is discreet, not imposed, and translates into advice and support. Maybe that's what you need right now?

The courses I teach for Wedding & Event Planners are the result of over 25 years of business: dealing with couple from all over the world, couples of the most disparate religious faiths, but mostly with very different budgets to spend for a fairytale wedding. A course written with the heart and where I touch all the possible topics, from bureaucracy to mise en place. I won't be able to explain you how to make bows, I'm sorry! but all the rest certainly do.

If you want to get started in the profession of Wedding & Event Planner in the right way, this is the course for you!

Do I do teach Luxury Weddings? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, because before you will have to need to understand what luxury is.

If, on the other hand, you have already started your business but you have doubts or would like to start in Destination Wedding, then you can take advantage of my one-one Mentoring sessions by contacting me via email at

Il mio corso online è self paced, potrai studiare al ritmo che ti è più congeniale e accedere al corso tutte le volte che vorrai. Nel costo del corso sono incluse  anche 20 ore di formazione via skype/whatsapp in modo da approfondire i vari argomenti.

Al completamento del corso riceverai 

  • attestato emesso dall'Università Popolare di Caserta e IWPA valido per accedere agli esami per la certificazione ISO
  • 1 anno di iscrizione gratuita all'associazione IWPA International Wedding Planners Association
  • potrai partecipare a uno o più tirocini, sia all'Estero che in Italia presso Wedding Planners certificate IWPA
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